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About Life's Forge

The Home Forge

Starting with a brake drum forge, a $80 Chinese anvil, and a post vise in 1993, my forge has moved with me from house to house. I've gradually built up better equipment (including a brick forge table and a GIB belt grinder), but still fire it with charcoal (and now propane).

The Teaching Forge

Founded in 2002, Adam's Forge is the best known Los Angeles area teaching forge. I have been taking classes for some time, and now teach there as well. There are many talented and experienced blacksmiths teaching a wide variety of classes. In addition to classes, we hold open forges (where you choose your project), and give demos at various places. We also do private lessons, and have even hosted a bachelor party. Sign up for one of our Discovery Days, and try blacksmithing for yourself!

Leif Bennett, Blacksmith

I have been interested in blacksmithing since I was a teenager, spending inordinate amounts of time watching the blacksmith at any living history site I happened to be at, and reading every book I could find on the topic. I gradually acquired tools and equipment, and set up my home forge around 1993. Without a teacher (and without YouTube), learning was slow. At a living history event, the demonstrator happened to mention Adam's Forge. I jumped at the chance to take classes, and learned much more quickly! Now I'm teaching classes, and continuing to learn as much as I can.

When I'm not blacksmithing, I'm a full-time programmer, having worked for large companies like Xerox and Google, small startups, and anything in between. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my wife and three children.

Our family website is here.

Leif Bennett at the home forge, Life's Forge.
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