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Easy Risalamande

Prep Time:

15 min + overnight rest

Cook Time:



8 servings



About the Recipe

Traditional Danish rice pudding, served at Christmas Eve dinner. The traditional preparation is more work; Leif's mother made it this easy way. Sometimes spelled Ris a L'amande


2-3 cups cooked rice

2 cups vanilla pudding vanilla extract to taste

12 oz. whipped topping

1 small pkg slivered almonds

1 or more whole blanched almonds (for game)


Mix together rice, pudding, vanilla, and topping. Fold in slivered almonds. Let sit in refrigerator overnight. (Note: traditional recipe had the rice cooked in milk, and the milk thickened with sugar, instead of using vanilla pudding. Some recipes call for 1 or 1½ tsp almond extract, or 2 tsp cardamom.)

Serve cold with warm or cold cherry, apricot, strawberry, or raspberry sauce.


For the traditional game, have one or more small prizes. Hide a whole blanched almond, one for each prize, in dish before serving. To make the hiding fair and to build excitement, have each person give the dish a stir (no chopping motions, though). Then serve; each person is allowed one large spoonful to start with. Part of the fun is for the person who finds it to keep it a secret, so that everyone keeps eating until the dish is finished.

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