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Jerry Wedekind's

Camping Checklist Categories

Jerry Wedikind is a friend I met at Xerox. We took some camping trips together, and I noticed we had a different philosophy about how to best make sure we didn't forget to pack anything. My list is overly comprehensive, while Jerry's list requires more thoughtful use.


An item is classed by asking "what does it do for me?" Items are classed according to their main function. Auxiliary items (e.g. dedicated repair kits, dedicated containers) are classed along with their main item.


Reusable mobile exposure protection. Two categories:

  • General [e.g. coat, sunglasses, not sunscreen]

  • Harsh weather


Fixed exposure protection [e.g. tent, tarp, pillow, bivy sack, space blanket].



[e.g. food, water, vitamins]



Health, hygiene, & grooming [e.g. towelettes, sunscreen, self-defense].



Food-related tools and supplies.



Empty or multipurpose containers [e.g. pack, empty stuff sacks, water bottles].

Car Items


Items used in or on the car.



Things which help you move [e.g. crampons, snowshoes].



Location aids [e.g. whistle, map, compass, watch, headlamp].

General Tools


Multipurpose tools [e.g. army knife, sewing kit, notepad].



Items which ease reentry into civilization [e.g. wallet, keys, items on pre-departure checklist].



Things for fun; many categories.

  • General [e.g. books]
  • Astronomy

  • Fishing

  • Photography

  • Skiing

  • ...

A Different List


Another set of Checklist Categories

  • First Aid/Second Aid

  • Other Survival Equipment

  • Cooking

  • Shelter

  • Personal

  • Miscellaneous

  • Canoeing

  • Cold Weather

  • Skills

  • Buckets

  • Food

  • Recipes

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