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Pizza Night

Many years ago, we started making our own pizza. We started it to experiment with a non-dairy pizza for our son (who had an allergy to milk protein). It worked well enough that we got a bread machine to reduce the prep time. A little later we picked up some pizza stones to make the crust come out more crisp, a big rocking pizza cutter, and some paddles to get the pies into the oven. As the children got older, it became a family tradition: every Friday, we'd set up the bread machine to knead the dough, someone would shape the dough, another one would mix up the sauce, one of us would put the toppings on, and into the oven it would go.

It's still delicious. We make three pies: a smaller one without cheese for our son, one plain cheese pie for our daughters, and one with more toppings for the adults. Here's some of our favorites:


We start by making our pizza crust recipe in the bread machine. Once it's out, we put it on a floured board and divide it into three pieces, two the same size and one about half the size of the other two. The smaller piece is for our son Alan.

Alan's Pizza


Cheese Pizza


Olive, Mushroom, Onion, Sausage Pizza


Hawaiian Pizza


Salmon and Onion Pizza


Artichoke Pizza


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